Are plans for recycling in Brighton and Hove simply going up in smoke?

Leo Littman, Preston Park Ward Councillor

News that cardboard meant for recycling may have instead been sent to the incinerator by the company in charge, Veolia, is scandalous if true.  Residents in this city pay the Council a considerable amount every month to have their refuse collected, and many residents spend time sorting their rubbish to ensure as much of it as possible is recycled. If they now learn that the people they rely on to process that recycling are simply burning it because they don’t have the staff needed to do the job properly, they are entitled to be furious.  Both Veolia and the Council need to be open about what is going on – the Council’s statement, which placidly accepts Veolia’s ‘assurances’, will put no-one’s mind at rest.

Local Labour are once again failing to get even the basics right.  The city is becoming dirty and run down and recycling rates are still in the doldrums. Let’s not forget: it was Labour who landed the city with this regressive 25-year waste PFI (Private Finance Initiative) deal in the first place, a deal which pays us not to recycle effectively, or even to reduce our waste. The Tories then extended the agony for another five years. Neither Party can be trusted on this issue. If the investigation finds a breach of contract has occurred, the Labour group must commit to serious review of the terms of the contract.
Residents deserve better.

Original article on the claims that cardboard recycling in Brighton and Hove is being incinerated available here:

Comment on school places in Brighton and Hove

Councillor Alex Phillips, Green spokesperson for Children, Young People and Skills Committee has commented on the state of school places for young people in Brighton and Hove:

“Whilst we recognise that catchment area plans are often difficult to resolve, families are continuing to pay the price for the Labour Council’s lack of leadership over plans for a new school in our city. The Labour group on Brighton and Hove City Council have tried to avoid responsibility for the current debacle but the fact is, since the previous Green administration handed over plans for a new school more than two years ago they will have been well aware of rising student numbers and the urgent need for more school places.

The Labour group have sat on their hands. Their inaction has resulted in an impossibly complicated situation that will surely create even more confusion for parents and upset for students. Essentially, families will suffer because the local Labour group dropped the ball that was handed to them so carefully.”